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Murder On The Orient Express

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this community was created by your friendly moderator userinfoJillian, by joint interest of userinfoJaime and myself.

"After solving a case, Hercule Poirot takes the Orient Express home. On board is Ratchett, a millionaire and his secretary Hector MacQueen and butler Beddoes. Also there is a Count and Countess, a Colonel, a bossy American woman, an Italian, a Princess and her nurse and Pierre, the conductor. The train gets stuck in the snow and during the night, Ratchett is murdered, stabbed many times. Poirot and Bianchi (the train's detective and friend) investigate and discover that Ratchett and the rest of the passengers are involved in the "Daisy Armstrong" case in which a child was taken for ransom and then horribly killed..."

"Famous detective Hercule Poirot is on the Orient Express, but the train is caught in the snow. When one of the passengers is discovered murdered, Poirot immediately starts investigating."

This was the only film adaptation in her lifetime that Agatha Christie was completely satisfied with. In particular, she felt that Albert Finney's performance came closest to her idea of Poirot.

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